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s e i z e m e . . .    and try to hold on

skimming the basics:

a thousand words

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i always thought i'd save europe for later, when i'm older 10.19.2010 |

guess i'm old now :(

[frankfurt, munich, berlin, & amsterdam, in 10 days]

it's been about a year since my last international vacation, and probably longer since i blogged. i'm a bit rusty, so i'll let the pictures do most of the talkin.

UNO: first was the flight to frankfurt. sfo>jfk>fra. i slept the whole time, on both legs. mad skillz. anyway, i have family in germany. four cousins, only one of which i've met before. it was crazy cool meeting everyone else :)

nghia & noel

haagan dazs YUM!

DOS: i didn't really want to go to oktoberfest. mostly because i don't enjoy drinking beers. but we went anyway, and i'm sooooooo glad i did haha.

our lovely host sarita in munich

the festival

the beer tent

inside the tent


there were a lotta beers. and people who can hold a lot of beers

i swear i drank a liter of beer each night

but after my liter i felt entitled to drink wine

things got hot and clothes started coming off

some took more off than others

more beers were ordered, and everyone was dancing on benches

TRES: we were only supposed to stay for one night to check everything out...but we decided to stay one more day.

i did a bike tour in the morning

switched up the outfit a bit

went to a new tent

more beers..brost!

nom nom

gulp gulp

and what's a party without the YMCA??

QUATRO: tired, exhausted, but we drove back to frankfurt early morning, and we spent all day out and about and meeting my other cousins and nephew!!

the cousins, thao & xuan & noel

my nephew, baby diego

...he's crazy...i'm not great with babies

manheim (suburb of frankfurt)

and...i drove on the way back on the autobahn. 220 km/hr ;p


woke up helllla early

but once we got there, checked in..there was food thank goodness

what i love about europe

i mean, i love my cousin, but also just frothy lattes every morning outdoors

cool courtyards everywhere

and secret alleys

colorful walls...perhaps not intentionally


SEIS: bike tour day....here comes a buncha pictures of me on a bike (but check out the scenes!)

and of course i brought poopoobear!

berlin wall

jewish memorial...it's really cool

to the biergarten!


reunited w my friend lars who i met in auckland!

it was this intersection at night that noel almost brought my demise...we needed to catch the train to the club and he saw one across the street and just grabbed me and we dashed through a 6way intersection. omfg.

SEITE-DIEZ: ok i'm getting tired and lazy. the last leg was amsterdam, my favorite city actually out of all the one's i visited...which is ironic because i thought that i would like it the least because of all the pot & red light district shadiness. BUT...it's a gorgeous city. with gorgeous men. or boys. and i'm sure gorgeous women too but i was too distracted to notice...

viola! here it is!

love love the canals

and eating outdoors by the canals

absofuckinlutely gorgeous

i mean...cmon!

house boats


cool buildings

beautiful buildings

it all brings a huge smile to my face

although i'm just as directionally challenged there as anywhere else

and it makes me happy knowing that the first hard liquor originated here

cool alcohol museum

fun to take pics in

because there are so many colorful things

not my camera


double rainbow!!

hehe i couldnt resist

the bar...

museum entry includes a free coctail..score!!

gasp! poopoobear


pretty trippy

bartender practice


sucha cute picture

i wouldnt mind this job if it didnt require knowing directions well



my favorite house in amsterdam!

met up w molly holly!

and the boys

frequented a few coffee shops

got destroyed

but still went back for brownies

side note..'smart' shops

hung w the whole crew

ate and drank

and after awhile...things got hazy

and of course..the red light district

+ i have never been as attracted to men as i have been in europe
+ 'omg even the daddies are hot here'
+ thank you rockwood for marriot discounts
+ i want to move to europe now o__O
+ camera charger lost before i stepped foot into europe. fail
+ i got yelled at by a prostitute
+ i can't believe i said 'hella' what is happening to me
+ ♥ my cousins!!!!!

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always, on repeat

"get down on your knees whisper what i need something pretty i feel that when i'm old i'll look at you and know the world is beautiful then you tell me you say that love goes anywhere in your darkest time it's just enough to know it's there when you go i'll let you be but you're killing everything in me"